About Us

Suntouch laminates, the name that spells a spellbound impact as far as integrity and quality is concerned. In the world of high pressure laminates, Suntouch is way ahead in understanding the needs of designers, architects, manufacturers and contractors. Encapsulating a vast span across interior and exterior applications, Suntouch laminates provide innovative and constructive solutions for residential and commercial use.

Some of the special features of Suntouch include structural stability, excellent color dynamics, high fire resistance, electrostatic discharge protection to name a few. Its sub-brands include Sonova Laminates, Pixel Mica, Steel Oak Laminates, Nerolam, and Arctonic Laminates.


Suntouch aspires to be the leading brand in showcasing unique solutions catering to global trends, creating a niche of its own. Bringing about revolutionary ideas, Suntouch will change the way laminate design is perceived. With innovation and ingenious streak, the company will change the perception of quality to its customers in times to come where ordinary will turn archaic and the world will welcome creativity woven with adequate functionality.


Suntouch will change lives of its customers by offering best solutions in terms of aesthetics, design, durability and longevity with regard to laminate surfaces. Suntouch wishes to become a household name, striking a chord at multiple levels, within residential as well as commercial premises.